The Theory of music


The Dastgah

The art of music is organized into seven systems called dastgah.
The seven main dastga are Shur ,Mahor,,Homayon,Sehgah,Chahargah,
Nava and Rast panjgah.
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The Naghmeh

These satellite system(avaz-song or naghmeh),four belonging to the dastgah
of Shur and one to Homayon.Their individual names are: Abu Ata,
Bayat-e Tork,Afshari and Dashti associated with the dasgah of shur; and
Esfahan,associated  with Homayon.The music theoristes usually translate
dastgah as "mode".Each dastgah  has its own seven-note scale and some
notes have special sinificance within that scale. When a performer is asked
to define a certain dastgah ,he does not play its scale,but its first Gusheh.
The Gusheh

The first few gusheh-ha fill the lower half of the octave, the next few fill
the rest of the octav,and later gusheh-ha may rise to the beginning of the
the second octav. what is important is not the  gusheh as a tune but ,in
a sense,the gusheh as genetic material for the creation of new pieces.
The Daramad

For the opening gusheh the daramd , the melodi range.more>>>>
The Radif

The total number of gusheh-ha in all twelve dastgah(300 melodies)
makes up a body of music called the Radif.

Student learns the sections of the gusheh from books a practice
dating from the last two decades when the gusheh-ha were noted
and published by several masters.

The Scale
C# two microtone Above C
Dp three microtones above C (p koron)
The start on C for each dastgah ( p koron and b flat)

Mahor                                 C  D  E  F  G  A  B  C
Shure,Dashti,Abu-Ata         C  Dp Eb  F  G  Ab  Bb  C
Bayat-e Tork                       C  D  E  F  G  A  Bp  C
Afshari                                C  D  Ep  F  G  Ab   Bb  C
Homayon                             C  Dp  E  F  G  Ab  Bb  C
Esfahan                               C  D  Eb  F  G  Ab  Bb  C
Sehgah                                C  Dp  EP  F  GP  Ap  Bp  C
Chahargah                           C  Dp  E  F  G  Ap  B  C
Nava                                    C  D  Eb  F  G  Ap Bb  C

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