Jalil Shanaz
Sagah: Kereshme ba muye
The Dastgah Sagah

Literally,the word segah means "third place" seh=three and gah=time or place This
kind of designation was formerly used both in iran and Arab countries to indicate the
degrees of the scale. Yek gahor dogah and similarly,segah and chargah and rastpanga
and more,In early twentiethcentury,four of these titles were still in iran. The scale of
segah is very important.When written from the note that is both  shahed and ist, here
C',the scale is C DP EP F GP AP BP C.
The most important gusheh-ha of Segah are Zabol on the third scale degree,Muyeh on
the four,and Mokhalef on the sixth. Rast kuk for segha is E-koron for tar and settar
and A-koron for santur and B-koron for kamnchy.
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