1. Daramad,Rast 2. Daramad Zang 3. Zangule 4. naghme 5. Ruh-afza 6. Panjgah  7.
8. Sepehr 9. Oshage 10. Neyriz 11. Bal kabutran 12. bahr noor 13. Bayat
14. Qarache 15. mobage 16. Tarz 17. Abol chap 18. Layli o Majnun 19. ravandi
20. Nowruz arab 21. Nowrus saba 22. Nowruz khara 23. Mavaro nahar 24. nafir
25. farhang
Rast Panjgah: Mavaro Nahar
The Dastgah Rast Panjgah

The name of this system has the same derivation as those of two other dastgah-ha,
Segah and Chargah. Panjgah indicates the fifth place. Rast,which in persianmeans
right or true could have a number of interpreations. The most likely is that the name
refers to the rast system of tuning,as opposed to chap a tuning one fourth lower.
Another possibility is that of two version. Finally ,the appellation Rast might refer to
medieval  Arabian melody type of that name.
The scale of Rast Panjgah is identical with that of mahur,that is the western major
scale. Evidence of the weakness of the tradition is the scarcity of musical example of
the daramad.
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