1. Chahar-mezrab 2. Daramad 1 3. Daramad 2 4. mavalian 5. Chakavak  6. Tarz 7.
8. Bidad kt  9. Ney favud  10. Bavi 11. Suzo Godaz 12. Abol chap 13. Leyla
14. Ravandi 15. nowruz arad 16. Nowruz saba  17. Nowruz khara 18.Nafir
19. farang 20. Shushtari 21. jamedaran 22. Razo niyaz 23. Meygoli 24. Molef
25. Bakhtiyari 26. Ozzal 27. Denaseri 28. Rang farah
Homayon: Nowroz Arab
The Dastgah Homayon

The word Homayon meaning " auspicious" or "fortunate" is frequently used as either
a first or last name in Iran. It is likely that the dastgah was named after the musician
who composed the chief melody. The scale of Homayon contains a neutral second
and major third in the lower tetrachord and minor second and minor third in the
higher. C Dp E F G Ab Bb C. Thus,it can be regarded as a major from of Shur,since
Shur has the same scale but with a minor third in the lower tetrachord. C Dp Eb F G
Ab Bb C. The lower tetrachord of Homayon is also identical to that of Chahargah.
The Rast kuk of Homayon is G for tat and settar,G for santur and A for kamanchy.
Kurdistan Music