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Newton Music Hall Professional Settar
#1 sugg.retail: $1250OUR PRICE$1149!!

Newton Music Hall Professional Settar #2 sugg.retail:$1065OUR PRICE$939!!

Newton Music Hall Professional Settar #3 sugg.retail: $930OUR PRICE$869!!

Newton Music Hall Classic Settar sugg.retail:$815OUR PRICE $749!!

Newton Music Hall Family Settar sugg.retail:$695OUR PRICE$599!!

Newton Music Hall Standard Settar sugg.retail: $1150OUR PRICE$1089!!
(All price with  Case ,mezrab , spare set string and includ the tax)
The Settar

The settar has foure,two of steel and two of brass, The range is the same as
that of the tar. The settar also constructed with a flat body . it is produed by
vibrating the neck of the instrument.
How to play satar
The player uses no plectrum, but instead strikes the strings with the nail of
his right index finger,which he has let grow long.

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