Newton Music Hall Professional Sa
z #1 sugg.retail:$1499OUR PRICE$1399!!

Newton Music Hall Professional Saz #2 sugg.retail:$1299OUR PRICE$1199!!

Newton Music Hall Professional Saz #3 sugg.retail: $1089OUR PRICE$999!!

Newton Music Hall Classic Saz sugg.retail:$999OUR PRICE$879!!

Newton Music Hall Family Saz sugg.retail:$789OUR PRICE$649!!

Newton Music Hall Standard Saz sugg.retail:$1349OUR PRICE$1189!!
(Price with case and includ the tax)
Please note: Every instrument is carefully inspected and adjusted before
shipping to ensure the best possible performance and freedom from any
problems.  Your satisfaction is the primary goal!!
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Tel :818-836-7437
Tel :818-836-7437