Newton Music Hall Professional Ud #1 sugg.retail:$2199OUR PRICE$1989!!

Newton Music Hall Professional Ud #2 sugg.retail:$1859OUR PRICE$1679!!

Newton Music Hall Professional Ud #3 sugg.retail:$1645OUR PRICE$1449!!

Newton Music Hall Classic Ud sugg.retail:$1469OUR PRICE$1299!!

Newton Music Hall Family Ud sugg retail:$1259OUR PRICE$1099!!

Newton Music Hall Standard Ud sugg.retail:$1999OUR PRICE$1799!!
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Please note: Every instrument is carefully inspected and adjusted before
shipping to ensure the best possible performance and freedom from any
problems.  Your satisfaction is the primary goal!!
       First class instrument specially made to our specifications
The Ud

The single most important instrument,of course the ud or lute. The  persian ,
with their usual flair for elegance,use an eagle's feather as a plectrum instead
of the the bone or plastic .The body and neck were constructed of one
graduated piece of wood.
Ud teaching book $35!!
Ud teaching Cd $18!!
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Ud , Loue , Oud
Tel :818-836-7437
Tel :818-836-7437