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The Dahall

The dahal  or shaaow drum  used to accompany the surna or Zurna , is quite
large  from 80 to 120 cm but only 15 to 20 cm.deep. The Dahall is very
important in oriental percussion music Together with other drum the dahall
creates the fundamental drive in all rhythms.


How to play Dahol

The player,who is usually strolling,hangs it from a leather strap around his
shoulders so that both hands surface with a thine stick producing the light beat
,while the left hand ,using a thicker.cane-shaped stick,produces the heavier
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Please note: Every instrument is carefully inspected and adjusted before
shipping to ensure the best possible performance and freedom from any
problems.  Your satisfaction is the primary goal!!
Listen to the Dahall
Dahall , Dahol , Daahol