The Ghaychek
A ghaychak has a rounded back and a flat face. The face is elliptical in
overall shape,with a half-circle cut out of either side.  its neck is short and
jointed.  The lower half of the face is covered with skin ,with the bridge
supporting the string attached to the membrane .
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Newton Music Hall Professional Ghaychek #1 sugg.retail:$2199OUR PRICE$2099!!

Newton Music Hall Professional Ghaychek #2 sugg.retail:$1969OUR PRICE$1879!!

Newton Music Hall Professional Ghaychek #3 sugg.retail:$1749OUR PRICE$1699!!

Newton Music Hall Classic Ghaychek sugg.retail:$1769OUR PRICE$1619!!

Newton Music Hall Family Ghaychek sugg.retail:$1689OUR PRICE$1559!!

Newton Music Hall Standard Ghaychek sugg.retail $2099OUR PRICE$1999!!
(Price with case and includ the tax)
Please note: Every instrument is carefully inspected and adjusted before
shipping to ensure the best possible performance and freedom from any
problems.  Your satisfaction is the primary goal!!
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Tel :818-836-7437
Tel :818-836-7437