Newton Music Hall

Hello Nader,

I just wanted to thank you so much for the fine Tar I received from you. I have always
wanted to learn Persian music but unfortunately it was not possible due to the
unavailability of fine instruments. It is such a pleasure to have a REAL Tar to learn on!!
The quality of the craftsmanship is superb! Also the tone is fantastic, I have to close the
door in my practice room because you can hear it at the other end of the house!!

Also, the fact that you are close by to me and I'm able to take lessons is overwhelming.
Thanks so much and please feel free to use me for a reference for your website.


Lars Jacobsen , Seattle, USA

I ordered Daf and Tombak +teaching book and cassette online. I got on
time , Thanks a lot for the quality and sound of instrument.


Yonas ,Uppsala,SWEDEN
Dear Nader,

Thanks so much for the wonderful Nay. I'm very happy with the instrument
and like it very much.

Best regards

Frank  Lofe ,  Herrsching , GARMANY
Hello Nader.

Thank you  so much!
Today I got my professional Daf and I must say that I'am more than
satisfied with the instument, book and teaching cassette. It feels great to have
such an exotic instument. It has an increddible great sound and it is a
pleasure to look at it.

Michael Basas, VIENNA ,AUSTRIA
Newton Music hall

The Nay is in perfect condition. The sound is superb. I will be
contacting you in the future.
Have a Happy New Year.

A Satisfied Customer,

David Guerrera , New York , USA
Hi Mr.Nader
I love the Cetar you sent me. The sound is absolutely great. I think it will be a
great instrument to perform with.
Best regards
Flemming Behrend,Washington, USA
Tel: 310-370-7073
Tel: 310-370-7073
Dear Nader,
If you are new to Persian music or an experienced professional musician you will find
yourself in the best of hands with Nader at Newton Music Hall.  He is not only one of
the most accomplished musicians in traditional Persian and Kurdish music, but is a
dedicated professional upon whom you can place your trust when selecting an
instrument.  When I discovered his site and met Nader over the phone from across the
country, I was immediately struck by his vast musical knowledge, expert advice, and
most friendly and  honest approach.  After purchasing my first instrument from him
( an excellent Tonbak), I was soon to return to purchase an equally fine Kemancheh
and Tanbur and the best Daf money can buy in the United States. Nader, I can't thank
you enough for providing me with fantastic instruments.
Your excellent professional assistance and friendship has helped me grow as
a musician!

Most sincerely,
Michael Losch   Baltimore,  Maryland ,  USA
Dear Nader,
Thank you so very much for everything. I never thought ordering something
would be such a pleasure. You took your time and effort in answering all my
questions, and making sure I got the best quality instruments . I can see music is
your life, and you love to share the beauty of it with everyone. thank you
so much for your help, your time, and your kindness towards me.
you are the best!

katy Rahmani , San Diego, USA