The Qanun

Like the ud ,the qanun ,a plucked zither,is still of great importance for classical music
in arab countries,It, too is now being revived by the culture,that is,used in orchestras of
native music and taught in the Conservatory of national music. The qanun is slightly
larger than the santur and three of its sides are perpendicular . The strings are usually
of gut or nylon,not wire. The chief difference between the two instruments is that the
qanun is plucked rather than struck. A player uses small bone quills attached to his
fingers by means of metal rings. One advantage the qanun has compared to the santur
is its tuning. Whereas on the santur the pitch of each string is fixed for the length of a
single composition,on the qanun the pitch can easily be raised or lowered by means of
levers while playing