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Abu Ata :  Ramkeli
The Naghmeh ABU ATA

Abu Ata (father of Ata) is the naghmeh most closely associated with the parent
dastgha of shur .It is customary to write the same scale for Abu Ata as for Shur. It is
customary to write the same scale for abu Ata as for
C Dp Eb F Ab Bb C ,mentioning that the note of stress,shahed,is the fourth
degree,and the note of stopping,ist,is the second. When the scale
is transposed to C for the example below,the result is notationaly
C Dp Ep F> Gp Bp C.(p koron > cory) . In either configuration,the initial
fourth is not perfect,an unusual feature of this system. Perhaps this causes the range
of its daramad to be narrow-a third rather than a fourth. The most important gusheh of
Abu Ata is Hejaz,on the fourth degree. This name reltes to the alternate name of this
naghmeh,Dastan-e arab,for the Hejaz is that province in Arabia . The Usual pitch for
Abu Ata is D for tarand settar G for santure,and A for violin.
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